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About Us

Calvert County Behavioral Health’s Calvert Crisis Response is available 24/7 to provide behavioral health services and immediate opioid treatment at no cost. Our Mobile Crisis Team (MCT), a component of Calvert Crisis Response, consists of a medical provider, a counselor, and a peer recovery specialist who are dedicated to providing you with the resources and help you need. Our extensive coordination with local partners and agencies in Calvert County allows us to help streamline access to the best comprehensive care to begin the journey of recovery.

Our Team 

Medical Providers

Our licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses are trained in both behavioral health and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).  Each medication plan is individualized and follow up appointments can be scheduled at one of our four locations within Calvert County, providing easier access for continued care. 



Our certified and/or licensed counselors are trained in evidence-based practices to provide support and intervention for behavioral health crises.  Additionally, individualized treatment recommendations and plans are created to assist in care coordination and community referrals, if necessary.   

Peer Recovery Specialists


Our peer recovery specialists are individuals that are in long-term recovery. They provide a unique perspective to treatment and help to empower others in their recovery journey. Providing unparalleled advocacy and guidance, peer recovery specialists help to navigate through crises and help to set goals for recovery.


Mobile Crisis Team



Our Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) allows for recovery on your time.  We can put a team on your doorstep to help assess your mental health and/or substance use treatment needs and to initiate those services.  Operating 24/7, our program helps to streamline access to behavioral health services, as well as provide emergent same-day opioid treatment at no cost. In addition, our Mobile Crisis Team (MCT), consisting of a medical provider, counselor, and peer recovery specialist, has the ability to respond to locations within Calvert County.

Clinic Offices



Conveniently located throughout Calvert County, all four of our offices provide medication management, therapeutic services, and peer support.  Walk-ins are always welcomed, though hours may vary by location. Call the numbers listed at the top of the page for concerns regarding specific locations (hours, addresses, appointments, etc.) or call Calvert Crisis Response  (1-877-467-5628) for all inquiries.


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